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Your repairs service

Repairs for which Ackroydon East TMO is responsible

Repairs in tenants homes:

  • repair of exterior drains, gutters and external pipes
  • external doors, gates, window sills, window catches and window frames
  • internal walls, floors (including floor coverings) and ceilings, doors and frames, door hinges and skirting boards
  • pathways, steps or other means of access
  • plaster work (excluding minor repairs which would normally be dealt with during internal decoration)
  • boundary walls and fences
  • broken window glass, but only where it can be clearly shown that it had not been broken by the tenant, any member of the tenant’s household or by invited guests
  • replacing door furniture and toilet roll holders, but only where it can be clearly shown that it had not been broken by the tenant, any member of the tenant’s household or by invited guests

Repair of installations

  • installations for the supply of water and electricity, sanitation and heating including; basins, sinks, baths, shower attachments, WCs, water pipes, waste pipes, electric wiring including sockets and switches and immersion heaters
  • kitchen units and built-in cupboards

Repair of common areas and installations

  • common entrances, halls, stairways and passageways
  • internal decorations in the communal areas
  • electric lighting
  • communal carpets and lino
  • entryphone, security and fire-fighting or protection systems
  • keeping all bin stores clean, tidy and in a good state of repair

Repairs for which tenants are responsible

Tenants are responsible for the following items:

  • internal decoration
  • replacing light bulbs and lost keys
  • replacing bell batteries and bulbs
  • keeping the interior in a clean condition
  • replacing WC seats
  • changing tap washers
  • replacing plugs and chains in sanitary ware


Damage caused by tenant, household member or guests:

  • damage to front door or locks as a result of lock-out
  • any defects to the property caused by neglect, misuse or wilful damage and not considered normal wear and tear
  • repairs resulting from any unauthorised modification to fixture and fittings


Repairs categories and response times

Ackroydon East TMO will classify requests for repairs into four categories:

1 Emergency 2 One Day 3 Urgent 4 Routine
To be carried out within 2 hours To be carried out within 1 working day To be carried out within 5 working days (unless estimates or tenders are required) To be carried out within 28 working days (unless tenders are required)

Any disrepair that causes an immediate threat to the safety, security or health and safety of occupants or members of the public.


Any disrepair that is causing serious restriction to a tenant’s living conditions.


Any disrepair that is causing serious inconvenience to the occupants or likely to cause further problems to the property. Any disrepair that does not fall into categories 1, 2 & 3


  • Serious water leaks
  • Dangerous electrical faults
  • Security risk to the property


  • Blocked WC
  • Loss of heating or hot water in a cold spell or which poses health and safety risks to any occupants
  • Threatened or actual collapse of any part of the structure
  • Damage caused by racial or other forms of harassment
  • Total loss of water supply


  • Loss of hot water where no occupant is at risk
  • Minor plumbing (e.g. a leak that can be contained)
  • Leaking roofs
  • Glazing where there is no security risk
  • Minor electrical re-wiring
  • Infestation of rats, mice or cockroaches
  • Defective entry phone
  • Defective TV aerial



  • Easing doors and windows
  • Minor fencing works
  • Loose floorboards
  • Replacing or repairing hinges
  • Replacing or cleaning extractor fans
  • Broken kitchen units
  • Broken tiling
  • Leaking gutters