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Complaints procedure

The Ackroydon East TMO operates a 3 stage complaints procedure:

Stage 1 – Informal complaint - the first objective must be to try and resolve the matter informally. These are likely to form the bulk of complaints and effective and speedy resolution at this stage will usually resolve the matter.

Stage 2 – Formal complaint - where the matter cannot be resolved informally to your satisfaction, information about the formal Complaints Procedure should be given if that has not already been supplied to you. In the case of doubt, advice should be sought from the TMO Manager. Formal complaints may be received on official forms, by letter, fax, e-mail, telephone, text or personal visit.

Stage 3 – Appeal - If you are still not satisfied, you have the right to appeal to an appeals panel. The panel will be made up of three people and shall include at least one person who is independent of the Board and of Ackroydon East TMO.

After exhausting these 3 stages, if you are still dissatisfied you have the right to refer your complaint to Wandsworth Borough Council, a Designated Person or the Housing Ombudsman Service.


You can raise a complaint initially via our Contact Form or simply us a call






Ackroydon East TMO recognises that residents have a right to comment upon and complain about the provision, or non-provision, of services; as such, Ackroydon East TMO aims to provide an accessible, fair and effective Comments and Complaints Procedure for tenants, leaseholders and residents of the area. Ackroydon East TMO takes complaints seriously as an important part of a commitment to customer care.

A complaint is defined as when a customer expresses dissatisfaction about the work of Ackroydon East TMO and wants corrective action to be taken. It would include such matters as:

  • providing wrong or misleading advice
  • failure to act within agreed policies and procedures
  • delays in undertaking work which cannot be explained within the terms of policy and procedure
  • bias, inequality of treatment or rudeness
  • failure to keep appointments

Areas where individuals may express dissatisfaction which may not be regarded as complaints would relate to:

  • the general law, unless wrongly applied
  • persons or bodies over which Ackroydon East TMO has no control
  • Ackroydon East TMO's or Wandsworth Borough Council’s overall policies
  • matters which are, or could reasonably be expected to be the subject of court or tribunal proceedings, or which are in the hands of Ackroydon East TMO's insurers
  • In cases where a complaint identifies a policy or procedural problem (i.e. not service delivery), Ackroydon East TMO will consider the situation and where appropriate, make every attempt to amend practice accordingly.