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Opportunities to be involved in Ackroydon East TMO

Ackroydon East TMO has a membership that is open to all tenants and leaseholders who live within the area of benefit. New tenants and leaseholders will be informed of the TMO’s existence and invited to join the membership when they become a resident of the area. Membership is not automatic to those who live within the area because Company Members have rights and responsibilities under law that they must consent to being bound by and purchase a non-transferable £1 share.

The TMO is accountable to its membership through General Meetings. It holds an Annual General Meeting each year and is required by its Management Agreement with Wandsworth Borough Council to hold an additional General Meeting to approve its annual budget and holds further such meetings to involve and inform its’ membership on the work of the TMO. Copies of the Rules will be supplied to all members; they set out the prescribed notice methods and periods to give sufficient notice to members who may wish to attend General Meetings and all members have the opportunity to express their opinions and vote on the issues raised. General Meetings can also be called by 10% of the Membership, where the Members have specific issues to raise and discuss.

See information about the Management Committee Management Committee